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August 08, 2014


Ray-Ban has special lenses that are always in and now available in most of ray-ban classics; whether it's aviator, wayfarer, clubmaster, and even round! introducing the iconic lens that everybody's been wearing nowadays: Ray-Ban flash lenses. Ray-Ban flash lenses are no ordinary lenses.

The mirror coating application on the lens is achieved through an advanced technological process where superheated metal oxides are fused to the lens at molecular level to ensure a uniform layer.

The mirror coating helps to reduce glare, deflect envious glances, and give the wearer that unique look. You can find these colorful lenses in Ray-Ban's most iconic models and now they're even available in polarized lenses!

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85993 VIEWS RAYBAN RB5296D col 2000
Rp. 1,351,500
58766 VIEWS RAYBAN RB5292D col 2477
Rp. 1,691,500
34446 VIEWS RAYBAN RB5292D col 2475
Rp. 1,547,000
30662 VIEWS RAYBAN RB2140-F col 1162
Rp. 2,992,000
28543 VIEWS RAYBAN RB3025 col L0205
Rp. 2,295,000
25097 VIEWS RAYBAN RB5292D col 2012
Rp. 1,691,500
19392 VIEWS RAYBAN RB3025 col 019/Z2
Rp. 2,516,000
18834 VIEWS RAYBAN RB3016 col 1145/30
Rp. 2,516,000
18741 VIEWS RAYBAN RB3025 col 112/93
Rp. 2,516,000
17692 VIEWS RAYBAN RB3025 col 029/30
Rp. 2,516,000
16420 VIEWS RAYBAN RB3025 col 112/17
Rp. 2,516,000
15890 VIEWS RAYBAN RB3025 col 001/58
Rp. 3,051,500
14752 VIEWS RAYBAN RB5277F col 2477
Rp. 2,201,500
14636 VIEWS RAYBAN RB3025 col 001/51
Rp. 2,354,500
13897 VIEWS RAYBAN RB5343-D col 2000 s55
Rp. 1,691,500